Book Recommendation: Rebecca Lee’s “Object Relations”

“I’ve been writing about wires since I was probably 11 years old. It probably has something to do with connection. Combining the physical sense of a wire with the emotional need of connection is, in a way, very balancing.” – Rebecca Lee.

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Rebecca Lee Object Relations

Just Art Vibez is today sharing a new book by author Rebecca Lee titled Object Relations.

Object relations is a psychoanalytic theory by Melanie Klein that suggests personality stems from our relationships. Instead of objectifying people, this book does the opposite. Object Relations personifies objects.

This book is a collection of vignettes accompanied by unusual art.

About the author: Rebecca Lee currently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her latest project is called “selfie” which refers to a series of poems published in medical journals. Her body of work can be found in publications such as Harvard’s medical journal, “Third Space”, as well as Dartmouth’s “Life Lines”, The British Medical Journal, CHEST physicians, and other medical publications. She has also written for The Virginian Pilot, Psych Central, Adbusters, etc.

Object Relations: Object Relations is a collection of vignettes about objects personified. This book originated from her award-winning blog: www.AWordOfSubstance.com

The book is now available on Amazon!