The influence of Lunar Node “Rahu” on Meta world and NFT!

All electronics, wireless technology, latest tech is represented by Lord Rahu Graha.

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Lord Raha

Lord Rahu Graha is in reality a point of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as it moves on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes

Lord Rahu represents expansion, the act of self-observation, the illusion of life, the drive to do, the desire to get anything in an instant, craving for black coffee or any coffee is the energy of Lord Rahu too (Yes! Coffee is represented by Lord Rahu). The world of virtual reality is represented by Lord Rahu. The movie industry, the world of photography (again films and photos are not real but show us the illusion of something real!), social media world, online world, media industry, the world of science fiction are represented by Lord Rahu. Any foreign objects, foreign culture, foreigners, foreign language and space travel are represented by Lord Rahu.

The current trend of NFT’s and Meta world is also represented by Lord Rahu.

Hollywood Film Industry, Bollywood Film Industry, State of California and Arizona, South-West Direction, Film Actors, Film Actresses, Directors, Movie Producers, in general, are represented by Lord Rahu.

Also, Lord Rahu Graha represents fear, dissatisfaction and obsession. Lord Rahu Graha is also associated with politicians and occult sciences too. All electronics, wireless technology, latest tech is represented by Lord Rahu Graha.



The remedy for attracting positive attributes of Lord Rahu are as follows: somehow during this period one can take a non-identified look at things that are happening around, embrace authentic humbleness, an attitude of let-go, faith in a higher power, chanting the mantra of Goddess Durga, worshipping Lord Kala Bhairava, light an incense twice a day, respect family of in-laws, worship Lord Shiva, repair any electronic items/gadgets which are not working properly, discard non-functioning electronic items in a proper way after showing gratitude towards them, use new or good condition electronic items only.

Article by: Hu Real Astros.