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New Moon Reptiles

When my sister and I were kids we adored playing with bugs, lizards, and frogs. We used to dig up worms for our chickens and ducks to eat! We also had baby turtles that we kept in a container that resembled an island, and our little buddy, a pet salamander that we would take turns caring for. My sister even had a pet spider (just like Charlotte’s Web) in the corner of the garage that she would feed bugs to. I’m convinced that our mom probably thought she was raising boys instead of girls. How does that poem go? “What are little boys made of… frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.” That was my sister and I. That’s what we were made of through and through.

I found myself missing those days, and then one day someone mentioned the website, which helped make all of those memories come flooding back. Right away I was drawn in by the contrast of the black background of the website pages, versus the almost neon colored reptiles looked like they were popping out of the screen. From Rainbow lizards, to Waxy Monkey Tree frogs, and even snakes with names like, “Stunts Milk Snake” and “Super Ghost Boas,” everything was addicting!  I was hypnotized while going through their large selection of reptiles. There were so many different selections of snakes, lizards, amphibians, geckos, scorpions, and my old friend the salamanders. The list went on and on. There were a variety of reptiles that I never knew existed. I was amazed to know that these beautiful little creatures from our world can be bought online, and shipped to my home to become a part of my world. I would be able to observe their extraordinary ways and beauty up close.

While scrolling, one of them caught my eye the most… a small Diablo Blanco Snake Eye Leopard gecko with a pink (my sisters favorite color) skin tone. I quickly called my sister to have her hop on the website and scroll through it with me. We began reminiscing about our childhood, speaking about all of the little creatures that we looked after while we were little ourselves. By the end of our conversation, I realized that New Moon Reptiles had reignited my love for reptiles again. My first order from them was a pair of Diablo Blanco geckos. One was for me, and the other one for my sister. She named hers’ Charlotte, and I named mine “Moon” after my favorite reptile store.

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Written by: Nairis Montero