‘Amen’ Wins “The Best Music Score”

‘Dubai Habibi’ is planned to shoot in UAE and is sure to be a hit.

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Just Art Vibez appreciates the highly anticipated film ‘Amen’ that has won the award for ‘The best music score’ at the prestigious Lulea International Film Festival in Sweden. This is a major accomplishment for ‘Amen’, along with other appearance in other film festivals. Director Mio Hu was again praised by critics and audiences alike.

 According to Mio Hu, ‘Amen’ was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope, which used the illusion of being shot in one take. ‘Amen’ was a one take short film that was shot with the background of the iconic Catholic church at Quito, Ecuador, earning the high praise for the every aspects of the work.

Joshua Mitchell as the music composer, who said he e-met the director Mio Hu at stage32. She delighted with his ability to capture the essence of their story and enhance it through his music score, thus, they collaborated on this piece.

Mio Hu said “We are thrilled that the film has been recognized with this award. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all involved with producing this film. We are especially proud of our composer Joshua Mitchell, who really brought this project to life with his incredible score”.