Up-and-coming artist Yanran Chen showcases her blend of fiction, sci-fi and recombination at ART021 Shanghai 2023

This GEN Z artist is acclaimed for her unique creative style and thought-provoking works, earning her a dedicated following on social media platforms such as Instagram and Weibo.

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Yanran Chen

The 11th edition of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair returns to the Shanghai Exhibition Center stronger from November 9th to 12th. This year’s fair witnessed a record-breaking number of exhibitors and the largest scale ever seen, which unites 150 leading galleries from 16 regions and countries, representing 34 cities and showcasing nearly 10,000 pieces of modern and contemporary art. The impressive display highlighted a vigour art scene and the growing enthusiasm for international artistic exchange.

ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair at Shanghai Exhibition Center

After a decade, ART021 has become one of the most important contemporary art fairs in China, a beacon of reference for galleries, collectors and artists from all over the world. As a main project in the 22nd Shanghai International Arts Festival and the major sector of the 5th Shanghai International Art Trade Week, the fair features multiple sections, including the MAINGALLERIES section, APPOARCH section, BEYOND section, as well as special programs and several themed forums. ART021 is not only a crucial moment for blue-chip artists and well-acquainted galleries but also a platform for emerging talent. Among them is 18-year-old artist Yanran Chen, who is making her ART021 debut this year with her latest sculpture.

Yanran Chen’s sculpture Fictional Self is on display at Booth S54

Yanran Chen’s artistic works possess a unique and diverse style. Her latest sculpture, Fictional Self, is showcased at the 11th edition of ART021, following an invitation by Douyin Art. The sculpture stands out with its fusion of metal materials and painted surfaces, capturing Chen’s creative style and distinctive craftsmanship. Drawing from a profound self-analysis, Chen conveys her deep thoughts and reflections on contemporary society by constructing an imaginative space centered around the human body. Through this artwork, she explores the impact of information overload and technological advancements on contemporary discourse, as well as delves into independent contemplation of binary oppositions such as body and mind, life and machine, conservatism and avant-garde.

Visitors are photographing her work
Yanran Chen with her artwork

This GEN Z artist is acclaimed for her unique creative style and thought-provoking works, earning her a dedicated following on social media platforms such as Instagram and Weibo. In 2023, shortly after her 18th birthday, she held her first solo exhibition, NOWHERE, in Tokyo, which garnered widespread attention and praise in the Asian art world and became the focus of both domestic and foreign media coverage. Additionally, Chen’s works also caught the attention of renowned Hungarian violinist Roby Lakatos at the recently concluded Art Market Budapest 2023, where one of them were collected. At the recently concluded Art Amoy International Art fair, her works attracted the attention of many viewers.

Chinese artist Yanran Chen

Yanran Chen’s creations are inspired by Japanese comics and French experimental films. Her artistic style focuses on personal growth experiences and combines Chinese and foreign artistic influences. Through her work, she showcases the infinite creativity and artistic potential of young Chinese artists to art lovers worldwide.