Audrius Razma Hiroshima Office Press Editor-in-Chief

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Audrius Razma

Audrius Razma was born in Lithuania post-soviet era, he finished school in England. He is half blooded Swedish-German and Lithuanian-Latvian.

He admires masters filmmakers Takeshi Kitano and Guy Richie. His research and analysis was learned from a design of a book to be found easily enjoyed like a silver screen movie ticket.

Audrius studied art and design from minimalism design masters, was working in a fine art gallery and travelled the world. He is a writer.

He lived in England twelve years and had independent studies to learn and develop a new form of art writing from analysis and research he made.

He is now a Business Masters Postgraduate from Spanish Royal Business School, Students Council President and Hiroshima Office Press Editor-in-Chief.

His twelve year old boy is living in Okinawa, Japan with his wife. The first son was born on his author’s birthday and we have another September “Kawaii Sensei”.

The word “Sensei” or a Master can mean to be a doctor, teacher or author in Japan.

His last book he wrote was acknowledgement and dedication he placed a crucifix in a military drama sequel for him never to be forgotten the day his first child died from coronavirus vaccine. 

Audrius Razma served in the British Army and has a silver Crucifix Award from Pope Franciscus in a diplomatic post for his work. 

He believes in the Japanese Communist Party. He writes Christianity Bushido content.