What is PLS?

PLS secrets finally revealed!

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The PLS Method:

You’ll Never Know Where You’re Going Unless You Know Where You’ve Been

“It’s not merely a question of where to look, but how to look and, more importantly, why. Let me answer the last question first.

Why should we look into this Forbidden Zone of past lifetimes?

In order to have solid evidence of your own essential nature, you must enlarge your “footprint”, the imprint you make just by Being Here Now. The only evidence you can possibly believe is your own experience, and right now, you’re not experiencing the detail readouts on prior lifetimes, because they’re all written in Braille.

Your daily lifetime experiences will become easier to deal with as you gather more data on how you handled things and the outcome of those events in prior lifetimes. You can learn a lot from yourself if you give you a chance.

If you intend to carry out your Work Mission here on Earth, you need to get a grip on yourself.

You need to have a bigger footprint, meaning an awareness of other lives you’ve lived, and technically, are living right now, because time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.

When you tell the tale, the memories will come flooding back, and you’ll remember that past life or parallel life in one sweeping flash, then details will start coming back to you as you write your way through… — E.J. Gold”

Some of the many paths through the PLS Method

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