Tips to identify an original art piece

Art experts and online art galleries like determine the originality of an artwork on the basis of the materials that were used during the creative process of making an art piece.

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If you are thinking about buying an original painting, you might want to explore evidence of the painting’s originality in order to know its worth and value. Some people search for technical indicators to know whether the large painting that they are buying is an original work or not. Aside from the obvious signature, there are other, more subtle indicators that show the authenticity of a painting. This article explores a number of ways through which you can find out whether the large art painting that you are about to buy is, in fact, original or not.

Idea and Provenance

When deciding if the artwork is original, a number of variables should be taken into account. Most of the original art pieces are titled, number and signed by the artist himself. Idea is an important factor that decides the originality of a work. For example, if someone copies Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry starry night” in a way that it resembles the original completely, it still won’t be original work. This is because the idea was of Vincent Van Gogh instead of the artist who copied it. It is important to look for provenance of an artwork. It is the history associated with the large painting that you are about to buy. It tells information about the work when it was created up till now.

Determine for yourself

You can determine the originality of an art piece by looking at the layers and depth of paint that the artist has used to produce the desired color in the painting. Before buying an art piece, you need to do your own research like watch interviews and documentaries on the art piece that you are about to buy. Furthermore, artists in the 20th century used to mix colors so that they could create different shades so you can look at the color combinations and see if the intensity of colors is speaking of the originality or not. You need to examine the front and back of the original piece of art and the canvas frame. Sometimes, the same canvas would be frequently reworked by older artists as they added thick paint coats. Older pieces of art are prone to show indications of patina that is made up of age-related dirt or dust and fissures. When you start determining the originality of a piece of art, you should ask yourself these questions.

  • Is the painting a reflection of the artist’s personality?
  • Is the painting signed only once?
  • Are brush strokes in the paint visible?
  • Does it represent a logical evolution from that style?
  • Do you see solid color upon magnification?

If your answer is “yes” to the above-mentioned questions, you have found the right artwork!

Consult an art expert

Art experts and online art galleries like determine the originality of an artwork on the basis of the materials that were used during the creative process of making an art piece. They spend their lives digging the works of different artists and the history behind it. Art experts know every brush stroke, the way a painting was painting as well as what the artist was thinking while painting a large art painting. Another canvas art gallery we recommend to contact is They only offer canvas art for sale but they should know what an original art means. Therefore, no one can determine originality of art better than an art experts who research art and paintings throughout their lives.


Consulting an art expert, asking yourself some questions, and determining for yourself are some of the ways through which you can determine the originality of an art piece. Fake certificates are being generated to sell fake artwork at a higher price. Therefore, it is important to check the originality yourself on the basis of provenance, originality of the idea and the use of colors.